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An Overview of Avaya Telephone System

What is Avaya phone system? Avaya telephone system is a complete business communications designed to help employees of small and medium-sized businesses serve their customers more effectively. Avaya IP Office has modular unified communications platform made to meet the demands of home offices, standalone businesses, and networked branch with head offices for both small and medium sized organizations.

The system is also suitable for telephony, messaging, conferencing, networking, customer management as well as unified communications. In the end, it will enable the employees have an easy time offering their services to customers. The business benefits of Avaya phone systems include:

  • Total Solution: Offers a complete voice & data communication solutions for the SMEs
  • Dual Function: Operates as a traditional phone system or as an IP telephony server
  • Flexible: It supports both single locations as well as multi-site¬† networks
  • Feature Rich: Has built-in basic call center and voice-messaging
  • capabilities.
  • Future Proof: the system is Scalable since you grow it as the business expands.

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Why You Should Go for Avaya Phone Systems?

Envision having the ability to respond directly to a message with your own speech or answer your deskphone out of your car? Avaya UC ensures that wherever you might be in the world, whenever you speak to a coworker, provider, supplier or client, you will have the same usage of regular interfaces and corporate sources as if you were at the office.

Avaya is compatible with a range of individual digital assistants, mobile phones, and various gadgets like laptop computers to enable you to connect with your PBX even if you or perhaps your staff are away from the office and also on the road. Not in the workplace? No trouble. You can just send telephone calls on your cellphone, and do business as usual. Avaya also has an additional function, termed “Find Me.” With this feature, if you’re from your desk or outside, the system will call your own cell phone immediately without the need to set up extra sending capabilities.

Your Avaya One-X Communicator brings together speech, High def videos, Instant messaging, sound meeting, voice mail and fax messaging jointly in a single simple software program. The solution motivates improved treatments for tasks from staff as co-workers become more responsive and accessible despite locale.

Avaya’s media hosts and Gateway features suggests that even if your enterprise offers many sites, you’ll be able to run from 1 hosting server with a central location. The “gateway” function will mean that each and every Gateway is going to be put to the satellite dish locale, interlinking each and every spot with all the other ones for optimum connection and connections.¬† Is your company ready to switch to Avaya phones? Learn more about it here!